Xtreme Towing - Super Fast Service in San Jose

Emergency Towing Services Available in San Jose, CA

If your vehicle has been damaged in a road traffic accident, has broken down without warning, or is otherwise unsafe to drive, Xtreme Towing can help.

We provide fast, reliable emergency towing services in San Jose through a network of licensed affiliates. They’re highly trained, experienced, and can handle a wide range of vehicles, from the latest family cars to motorcycles.

24hr Emergency Towing Services by Xtreme Towing

We can provide various emergency towing solutions in San Jose. Xtreme Towing’s services include:

  • Local towing
  • Long-distance towing
  • Heavy-duty towing (e.g. RVs and semis)
  • Private property towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Flatbed towing
  • Accident removal

We provide these and other towing services throughout the local area, transporting everything from SUVs in need of repair to trucks with engine trouble. We deliver other roadside services as well, such as battery jumpstart, gas delivery, flat tire change, and more.

When are Our Emergency Towing Solutions Available?

Unpredictable problems like sudden engine failures or accidents can be frustrating, even upsetting. The smallest delay could disrupt your plans for the day or night, and leave you with no other way to get where you need to be.

For example, you may have no idea that your vehicle has mechanical issues capable of bringing it to a halt until it’s too late. You could be driving home or to the office one moment, and parked up with an unresponsive engine the next. Or another driver could carelessly collide with your vehicle and force you off the road, stranding you miles from home in the dead of night.

But don’t worry — help is on hand 24 hours a day with Xtreme Towing. It’s never too early or too late to call our team: we’ll connect you to one of our skilled affiliate technicians at any time, all year long.

Our 24/7 availability means you can always get a trained technician to tow your vehicle in an emergency instead of trying to handle it yourself.

What Vehicle Types Can Our Specialists Handle?

Xtreme Towing tow all makes and models of vehicles in emergencies. We don’t just transport standard cars: we’ll dispatch technicians to tow your bus, motorcycle, RV, trailer, semi, SUVs, and more.

That makes us your ideal choice whether you’re driving your family car to pick up groceries, behind the wheel of your private-hire bus, or you run a delivery company with a dozen trucks on the road 24/7.

The towing specialists in our network drive high-quality tow trucks strong enough to transport heavy-duty vehicles safely, and their extensive knowledge of the San Jose area empowers them to identify the most secure routes to their destination.

What Makes Our Emergency Towing Services in San Jose, CA Special?

Xtreme Towing’s team commits itself to delivering the best customer experience each time we take a call, and our pros share our passion for superior service. We know how important it is to help you feel at ease in an emergency, especially when you feel angry at the situation. Xtreme Towing chooses the affiliates in our network carefully to bring you exceptional service each time you call our office. We’ll always be polite, friendly, and happy to listen.

But we also offer more than towing services in an emergency. Our experts can change flat tires, jump start your battery, deliver gas when your tank is dry, and much more. Just let us know what your problem is and we’ll be ready to solve it.

Xtreme Towing: Professional Towing at Affordable Prices

We’ve helped customers in a huge variety of scenarios over the years, from business owners who want us to remove a vehicle illegally parked on their property to families on vacation in their RV. And all of these people paid a fair, honest price for our services.

Xtreme Towing keeps costs highly competitive to offer unparalleled value for money. When you call our office, we’ll give you an accurate quote along with all the information you need before a technician arrives to help you.

Looking for emergency towing in San Jose from a trusted local team? Contact Xtreme Towing at (669) 235-3804 now for a fast response!